TEAManager – Beta



Everything you know about Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is wrong. You might have won a few games here and there and chalked it up to your superior fantasy sports knowledge, but sooner or later you will lose.


Every time you submit a lineup you are playing at a disadvantage. According to consulting giant McKinsey & Co.’s global sports and gaming practice, the top 1% of DFS players, or “sharks,” paid 40% of the entry fees but reaped 91% of the profits. Meanwhile, the everyday user in the bottom 80% paid an average of $49 in entry fees and lost half of their cash.


Sharks create computer programs to quickly build a massive list of optimized lineups to tip the odds in their favor. These players have the ability to change hundreds of lineups on the fly. This explains how users like the famous “maxdalury” can win over $500,000 in ONE day.


Meanwhile the majority of users have to manually research players, create their lineups, and then sort through hundreds of competitions to decide which they want to enter. All of these things take time and effort which puts users at a disadvantage. With DraftKings & FanDuel favoring the use of these scripted lineups, it is only going to get easier for the sharks to continue to win money over everyday users.



That’s where TEAManager comes in.
TEAManager uses tested algorithms to create optimal lineups for users based on past performance, weekly matchup, and
salary. Its strength, however, comes in its ability to create hundreds of variations of an optimal lineup to give you the best chance at hitting it big.


You can easily build up to 100 optimized lineups (at a single time) for every competition on DraftKings & FanDuel. You will no longer compete with the fantasy sharks, you will become one.


TEAManager levels the playing field for DFS players who cannot dedicate 8 hours a day to  researching players, building lineups, or creating analytical computer scripts to help them win.


TEAManager Beta Launch

May 6th marks the start of a new era in daily fantasy sports. With the click of a button users can generate hundreds of optimized lineups and submit them directly to DraftKings & FanDuel from their phone or tablet.

Beta users will test the app’s capabilities using statistics from 2015. As a beta user, you can then compare each lineup’s results to last year’s winners to see how close you are to winning big money with our generated lineups.

You will be awarded 5 free lineups for the start of the 2016 NFL season just for testing! Earn more lineups for every friend that you refer to TEAManager.

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